The Decks of Adventurer's Allurement - 5E Class Magic Items

Created by Ralph Levi Clark

All-new, unique magic items for EACH of the 12 core classes of the world's most popular role-playing game - with all original artwork!

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Big Update, PLEASE READ!
4 days ago – Tue, Sep 17, 2019 at 07:10:19 PM

Hello to all of our amazing backers! Below is a list of the things we're discussing in this big update so you can skim the headlines if you wish. Thank you for taking time to read any or all of it AND of course thank you for helping us make all of these awesome things that have come into being over the past 18 months!

  • Class Decks Status
  • Harold the Halfling's Herbology Handbook: Fantastic Flora (New Deep Dungeon Games Project)
  • Tome Of Magical Mystery Flip Through (Live on
  • Quality of Life Updates (Products Other Than Class Decks)

Status of Project

Please keep in mind with this update that everything we're doing has to be done 12 times!

So at this point the Class Decks have a long way to go still, we have hundreds of pieces of art done but we're just past the half way point, the artist is AMAZING and way ahead of schedule! The main templates that are laying out how we'll be putting the information on cards, how we'll be showing the same information on Print & Play formats AND how everything will appear in the book (along with new content for the book to tie things together with some story for your world) is all being worked on one piece at a time and almost finished. Our layout and editing guru has been hard at work prepping everything so that real writing can begin to happen and we'll continue to go back and forth as the writing does progress.

Tuck box designs are done and super cool, card designs as far as how layout is going to look has been approved AND we're currently about to start doing some official writing (everything so far has been idea's, rough drafts, etc. for all 600 items) so we're still on schedule BUT don't expect any actual downloadable files (like a finished PDF) to be done any time soon. Our original release data was sometime around December and we're sticking with that, we think we'll be able to put the PDF in everyone's hands around that time and we don't want to put out the PDF until we're sure it's about done. 

We have debated back and forth a few times about sending out PDF's of class decks as they are done but at this point we're not going to guarantee that we're making that decision at this time. Right now we're split into 4 different pieces and 2 are full time on the class decks right now while the other 2 of us are wrapping up older projects or working on new projects, we have to keep moving forward and trying to keep making things to have the business profitable just like anybody else even though this huge project is on us :) We love having the ability to create all of these awesome things and we've hired on the help to make it possible but we're still a very small team creating these awesome things and I'm still working a full time job!

Harold The Halfling's Herbology Handbook: Fantasic Flora (New DDG Project)

Harold the Halfling's Herbology Handbook: Fantastic Flora is the newest project by Deep Dungeon Games and it opened up on Kickstarter and was funded in 4 hours! Harold's Handbook is an all-new RPG supplement with 70+ different types of in-game flora ready for any fantasy-based tabletop game. This compendium, cleverly narrated by Harold himself, focuses on the types of flora your adventurers will commonly encounter: trees, fungi, crops, fruits, vegetables, and more, detailing their origins, environments, and uses. The stretch goals on this project are amazing and could quadruple the size of the book and its contents, it's well worth checking out to add some extra life to your world :) The more stretch goals we hit the more things we'll be making INCLUDING 200+ new potions, baked goods, fruits and vegetables if we keep pushing the project further towards those stretch goals!

Tome Flip Through & Free Give Away on with AverageAdventurersDnD

This Thursday (September 19th, 2019 MY BIRTHDAY BY THE WAY I'll be 32 ) we'll be having some of our friends over at Average Adventurers on flip through the Tome of Magical Mystery and go over some of the differences with the PDF of the Tome and the Print and Play files! They'll be doing free giveaways of a few items on the stream! Jump into the stream for some fun conversation about Role Playing Games in general and ask any questions you'd like! If you want to discuss the Tome or have questions about the items please remember that they are going to be looking at everything BLIND and sharing their enthusiasm or criticisms openly, they didn't help us make these things we just really like their honesty and their friendliness so we're hoping to share our stuff with them AND their stuff with all of you at the same time! Go show them some love even if just for a few minutes! Click the image below to go to their channel!

You can also find them at the following places:

Other Product/Project Updates

Tier 1 - Tier 4 Kickstarter packages have all been shipped except 5 or 6 that have replacement pieces coming for damaged add-ons, everything on that those orders are finished and it's considered officially closed at this point! If you're one of our backers from those older decks and you're missing anything please message us!

The Tome is currently shipping as above from our office, we did a bigger update about the exact way that is taking place on the Tome project so look over that way for more information on this topic.

Special Halloween Project coming October 1st, keep an eye out for the update when it goes live!

Closing Statement!

Well backers, that's all we have for today! Check out DDG's new project to add some Fantastic Flora to your worlds, come hang out with some of our friends (and maybe me on and off) over on this Thursday AND last but not least HAVE AN AWESOME DAY!

-Session Zero Games

BackerKit closing on Monday! August 19, 2019
about 1 month ago – Sat, Aug 17, 2019 at 12:57:04 PM

As the title says we are closing the main BackerKit on Monday, August 19th 2019 and we'll be charging cards that same day. Right now you can log in and make any changes that you need to AND as a reminder 77 people have not finished their survey so please log in and get that done for us! Once we close everything and charge cards if you need to make any changes to your shipping information you'll have to message us directly and we'll be able to log in and manually make the changes for you! If you miss the deadline and don't get your survey filled out then you'll still have the ability to go do that any time you are able and your cards will generally be charged within 24 hours of you completing the survey but if we run into any issues it becomes harder to trouble shoot.

Thank you all again for your support, the art is coming along nicely, the writing is beginning to line up and the ideas that are making the chapters fall together are being outlined! We're super excited for the story we have for you all that's going to tie the decks together as well as so many totally awesome magic items that you'll all be able to utilize in your campaigns!

Have an excellent weekend and if you haven't seen it yet go check out our friends over at Noble Dwarf who have a new Kickstarter for a Magic Potion of Random Goodness they call the Draught of Happenstance! It works like a magic 8 ball, you shake it up and turn it over, there's a little glass windows on the bottom that will show you a random potion that comes out when you drink it and includes cards or a little booklet that tells you what each one does. Such a super cool prop to have at your table and see your players interact with!

-Levi & Hobie

about 1 month ago – Tue, Aug 13, 2019 at 08:35:04 AM

Hey everyone! 

Hobie Hill with Deep Dungeon Games side of things! We are so happy to bring you another awesome project that we partnered with Noble Dwarf Printing with! We think you will love it and we have truly put a lot of work on it! 


The Magical Draught of Happenstance: 20 random potions in a beautiful potion bottle. All for $20.00! Now with a D&D adventure written by B. Dave Walters!  Not a painter? No problem we have brought on the most amazing Sammy Castillo to paint a limited number of masterpieces just for you! 

BackerKit is live for everyone now!
about 1 month ago – Fri, Aug 09, 2019 at 11:33:03 PM

If you didn't see the email notifications please be sure to log into BackerKit using the link below and your email and password that you use to login to Kickstarter so that you can fill out the survey to get your rewards! 

We will be locking orders on Monday, 8/19/19 so you have 10 days to get anything extra added that you might have wanted before but didn't have the funds to pick up. If you need more time then don't finish your survey just yet and whenever you're ready you can always go back in and fill it out. If you reach the end and verify your information and complete your survey we will be locking changes soon and charging payment methods.

For those who DON'T finish their survey we will lock and charge it usually within 48 hours of whatever time you finish and submit it. 

We are still looking towards the end of the year before delivery on this big set and there's still lots of work to be done, so just because you don't fill it out right now doesn't mean you'll be missed in the first wave of deliveries :) We'll post more updates as we get more progress updates!

Thank you all for your support and we look forward to bringing you awesome new lore and magic for your worlds!

-Session Zero

New Logo! Which colors do you like better? The blue and gold or the purple?
New Logo! Which colors do you like better? The blue and gold or the purple?
Some Cleric items!
Some Cleric items!

BackerKit 5% TEST is LIVE!
about 2 months ago – Wed, Aug 07, 2019 at 01:33:14 AM

Hey guys, sorry for no updates but we're hard at work on the art and other aspects of this massive project while juggling all the other things we're doing so everything is running smoothly, we haven't hit the big part of the "putting it all together" but individual pieces are coming in from all sides! 

This update is just letting everyone know to check their emails for anything from BackerKit (check your spam too, just in case please) and see if you are one of the 5% who have been sent your surveys! We're running what's called a "smoke test" to see if we can find any issues in the surveys before they go out to all backers! If things stay on track we'll be launching the surveys to everyone on Thursday or Friday of this week and you'll be able to confirm your orders, add your shipping or email addresses AND possible pick up your digital deliveries of anything you add that we already have in stock by this weekend. The class decks themselves are still months away from completion but if you get anything like our Decks of Magical Mystery or Tome of Magical Mystery then we can go ahead and make sure you get the PDF's in hand right away :)

Thank you all for your patience, a little more of the art here for you to check out (it's a few of my favorites from the Bard!)

-Levi & Hobie