The Decks of Adventurer's Allurement - 5E Class Magic Items

Created by Ralph Levi Clark

All-new, unique magic items for EACH of the 12 core classes of the world's most popular role-playing game - with all original artwork!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Addressing the Public and Backers About False Claims, Please Read!
26 days ago – Mon, May 11, 2020 at 09:09:11 AM

Hello Backers and anyone else who happens to read this update, I hope this month is going well for you so far! I know we haven't had any major updates in a while and this is another small one but it's important and I wanted to take a moment to make sure you know where we stand.

There is another company we worked with previously that is causing legal difficulties behind the scenes. As with any issue, there are two sides to the story, and they are going out of their way to spread theirs. Unfortunately for us (and for you), their side is erroneous. While I hope to settle this issue as amicably as possible without involving backers, it has come to my attention that the other company is sending out confusing statements to backers of other projects and certain customers we share together.

Here is a screen shot of the recent update that some people have received:

As you can see it would be concerning to learn that a different company was claiming to be making progress on these decks and anything else that might be implied by this information.

Please rest assured that only Session Zero Games, LLC is working on the legitimate project that you have backed and while we are behind it is still being worked on. Due to other legal issues that are being handled in the background we can't discuss everything at this point but you will still be receiving all digital and physical rewards as pledged for on the project. Any other information not received from Session Zero, Session Zero Games or Session Zero Games, LLC is inaccurate and will be dealt with accordingly.

Please ignore any and all further messages about this subject from other companies! ONLY Session Zero is making the original, top quality 12 Class Decks and book compilation that you backed from the Kickstarter, with original art and design consistent throughout every card and page. Anything else is not only a pale imitation, but not what you pledged for. Thank you for your time.

Another update will be coming soon, we have yet to release the fighter deck due to similar concerns and want to make sure everything is well in hand before we do so.

Apologies if I scared you on Mothers Day! Take care and hang in there backers!

-Session Zero Games

Late Update for April!
about 2 months ago – Mon, Apr 20, 2020 at 07:45:12 PM

This post is for backers only. Please visit and log in to read.

March update! (See the TLDR for short and sweet)
3 months ago – Wed, Mar 04, 2020 at 01:17:15 AM

Hello backers!

It's the 3rd of March… I know, I'm 2 days behind schedule on my monthly update (the last was published Feb. 1). I encountered even more unexpected MAJOR changes that all seemed terrible at first but have actually become somewhat of a blessing! Let me catch you up to date on all the drama.

Previously you were all informed that I had been searching for a warehousing and shipping partner to handle my projects and was debating on ordering product to ship from the new location. While doing that we were slowly grinding away at the class decks. Yes, they are taking much longer than expected but wow, they are coming out at the highest quality of any project we have ever worked on in the past. We’ve even had to re-commission art to make sure each and every item is beautiful and unique, and we’ve been updating item mechanics as we go – even tossing some out completely and starting from scratch – making sure every sword, every ring, every item in each deck adds something fun and challenging to your game. That’s a literal ton of gameplay detail and quality in every deck. Print & Play PDFs are going out to all backers that pledged for them as soon as we have them ready. While we have continued to work on the class decks (and we're almost done with Fighter) we ran into issues with warehousing and other company needs that were impacting our business as a whole.

All of the warehousing and shipping that we were working on having completed? That has not yet been done… and here’s the life-changing reason why: less than six weeks at the new location, we were FORCED to vacate the premises due to a legal resolution against the landlord of the property. We had NO IDEA this was coming when we moved in but there were zoning law violations and a litigious next-door neighbor… when it was all said and done, we were given exactly two weeks to get out of Dodge.

Any of you who has ever gone house/apartment hunting with a family knows it can be time consuming under the BEST of circumstances, which we definitely did NOT have. It was not a good day. We expended furious effort, called in every favor we could, and - somehow! -  managed to make things happen in time… with surprising side effects that ultimately, FINALLY worked in our favor.

By happenstance, I moved to a larger city. I quickly discovered 3 important things:

1. A thriving D&D community with 20 or more active tables at each gaming shop in town!

2. A nice new home with MUCH faster internet *which had been crippling my uploading ability and productivity for $10 LESS than the previous location. How crazy, right?*

3. The new location has a workshop in the back yard with FULLY CLIMATE CONTROLLED STORAGE with more than enough room to warehouse new inventory, new products, pack/ship in house. My local USPS offers direct pick up so when I put all of your packages *or any others* in the mail they will come and get them for me.

We move into the new house this weekend; internet will be installed by Saturday and I'll be able to get back on track with your deliveries!

Having my own climate-controlled storage and shipping location will solve the majority of my issues.

I know sometimes a Kickstarter hits a bump in the road but this one slammed into a street full of potholes right after we shipped out those last packages. Finally, FINALLY, we’re shaping back up and seeing a light at the end of the tunnel for this project.

As for the new decks themselves: we are still working on individual PDF's of the decks by class and releasing them as we get them finished. Fighter is almost done, with lore and legends narrated by Malc The Half-Orc Fighter, the stoic class ambassador who’s always looking to prove that he’s not “half” anything (just give him a reason…!) Monk coming up right after, headlined by an acrobatic dragonborn! 

No physical copies have been made at this point because our best printing price point is in BULK - PERIOD. To make these viable with the quantity of product we need, we have to purchase it all from one place and all at one time.  Worst case scenario we’d need to get 8 or more of the decks printed to mail out the packages for 90% of our backers and we're not far enough along to try that. If you’re only getting printed physical things I know you're getting the short end of the stick when it comes to waiting… but we honestly have no way to speed up the physical deliveries. They're coming down the road, rest assured, but we have to make everything first and have to make it RIGHT.

TL,DR:, we moved so we could make this a full-time business and unexpected, unforeseeable, AND unavoidable PROBLEMS arose that were out of our control. Our creation time has been impacted due to the multiple moves, shipping was significantly delayed and our ability to communicate all of this with you was significantly crippled. Those issues are MAGICALLY being resolved and we'll be back on track soon.

Please stand by for more good news… and again, THANK YOU for everything you've done to get us where we are. If you have any questions please message them to me directly, I'll try to answer them as best as I can. If anyone sent me a question that wasn't resolved in this update, please know that I had some issues with lost emails and I might not see anything until I get notifications about comments being posted. I've been trying to reply back to them as I find them.

Have a good March everybody! (It’s GOT TO BE BETTER!!)

-Session Zero Games

Cleric PDF sent, Druid PDF next week!
4 months ago – Sat, Feb 01, 2020 at 10:12:49 PM

Hello backers! Bye bye, January… Hello, February!

We’ve got a lot of great things to cover in our end of the month update (which will be a normal thing going forward unless we have even more to tell you in between):

-Cleric and Druid Deck PnP PDF

-General FAQ about these PnP decks
if you aren't getting them for some reason OR how to get them if you didn't have them on your original order

-Status on Other Decks

-Niwri's Marvelous Menagerie of the Multiverse!

 Cleric & Druid Print & Play PDF's

We've finished the Cleric deck and prepared the Print & Play PDF. It's already been sent out to backers on the Backerkit who pledged for all of the individual PnPs! NOTE: if you're not seeing these files in your Backerkit, please read the next section below this to figure out what's going on!

The Druid deck has just been finished! It’s completely written and laid out in every format. We’ll be compiling the final Print & Play treatment in the next day or so, then sending it to backers too! (I’m hoping that will all be done by Monday if I chisel out the time to put it together.) We'll post a short blast update the second it happens! We did notice a missing word that was corrected today; If you spot anything weird in the Print & Plays like a 0 instead of a D or stubborn typo, then let us know so we can fix it post haste!

General FAQ about Print & Play Decks

The main question we keep getting is "Why can't I find my Print & Play PDF's?" Our answer (most of the time) has been "We should have described this better in our project notes!" Here’s the story: There are 2 different PDF formats available and most people are getting mixed up with them.

1. There's a PDF of the Book which includes all 12 decks combined into one volume (and a single download) that everyone is going to receive if they pledged for it OR if they got it automatically in any reward level above $100. It is going to look something like this:

NOTE this is just to show layout format, this is NOT a page from this book

2. There is also a SEPARATE Print & Play version of each individual deck. That means 12 totally separate files that are not in the same format as the book. These have been sent out when available to backers that specifically added that option to their pledge. Most people DO NOT have access to these and are therefore not receiving the Print & Play PDF's that everyone else is getting access to. They look something like this:

This is a demo of the actual Barbarian PNP File

A simple way to check if you have access to the PnP is to visit Backerkit and log directly into your account. You can check your available distributed digital downloads (where the print and play decks will be if you have them) and your pledge level (in case you don't). If you do not have them but believe you should be getting them, send me your information and I can try to fix it.

You can use this link below to get back into your account if you can't find it:

If you don't have them and didn't pledge for them, you can find them on DTRPG using the link below. You'll see our entire profile and under the "Newest Titles In This Section" – look there for the Print & Play PDF's available. We will be uploading the new Cleric deck today and the Druid deck when it goes out to backers. We never upload or sell anything unless backers have it in hand first!

As a "sorry for the mix up and thanks for reading this far" I've included a link - HERE CLICK ME - to get a FREE copy of our Barbarian Print & Play deck so you can see what all the fuss is about and decide if you'd like to purchase any of the extras. If you decide you want them all (and not just 1 or 2 in that format) then message me directly; we have a way of setting that up for you at a discount. I have the power!

Our DTRPG public profile and available products!

Other Decks Status

As for our other decks the Fighter is going to be finished next. We're already setting up the layouts, performing color correction, and writing out the final lore and backstory writing. We expect Fighter to be complete very soon (as in “the next week or two” soon). The rest of the decks should get finished in a more expedited fashion; we’re committed to keep putting these out as fast as possible. We can't make the full final book until each deck is finished; now that all of the artwork is in place, we're cranking out playable mechanics and fun backstories as fast as we can! The eagle-eyed among you will start to notice how the decks interconnect with lore and characters… including references to items and individuals from past decks and books as well!

As important as “speed” is (we want to get these out to all of you as much as you want them!), there's no reason to rush these and give you something that's not our best work. So we're focused on awesome quality first more than just super speed. (But there are cards for that in the decks coming up!) It’s been slower going than we'd like (at 50 cards per deck and 12 decks, that’s a lot of images to wrangle and a lot of interconnected universe to… keep interconnecting) but rest assured, it IS going :)

Thanks for bearing with us on this journey!

Niwri's Marvelous Menagerie of the Multiverse!

Our friends over at Deep Dungeon Games have release an AMAZING follow up project to their recently successful book about flora and plant life for your game world (Harold's Herbology Handbook). This one is a sister handbook all about the animal life that can populate your RPG worlds! Check out "Niwri's Marvelous Menagerie of the Multiverse" on Kickstarter NOW! Click the link or the image below to see it live; there’s some amazing content going on over there! 

Click me to visit the Project Page!
Some of the new sub classes!

Alright backers, that's all for now! We're going back to the grindstone to bring you more of the most amazing Class items your adventurers have ever found! We'll update you more soon!

-Session Zero Games

Missed deadlines, no worries!
5 months ago – Fri, Jan 03, 2020 at 12:22:01 AM

Just a quick update until I can get you all something better, I have been making an emergency move across the country and settling in with my internet only being set up today! That said we are behind schedule because mostly of me, during the move it was decided that I would be going full time on Session Zero Games so that I could provide better products at a faster rate than was possible in our last location with my full time job taking up 50 hours or more a week of my time. 

Current Deck Status:

Barbarian PDF Delivered

Bard PDF Delivered

Cleric PDF 95% finished

Druid PDF 50% finished

Fighter PDF 40% finished

All Other Decks 25% (ART IS FINISHED ON ALL DECKS, writing needs to be finalized)

We are finished with the Cleric deck minus a single card, I'm going to be finishing that tonight and punching through the second half of Druid and finalizing the Fighter deck by next week. I expect to accelerate delivery of class deck PDF's greatly and have hired a secondary writer to assist with them as well so we should be moving MUCH MUCH faster than before.

The full book or the complete deck list can not be delivered until each individual deck is done, for those that are asking about when they should have their Book PDF in hand it won't be until we get all of the work done, that will be the last thing we can do.

That being said we are behind schedule right now, we were hoping to have all 12 decks complete in a digital format and begin laying out the book by this point, we're not there yet. This is an amazing project with 3x the amount of work that was needed for our last big magic item release (and that took us 1 year!) and we're going to be cramming that much extra work with the same quality in 1/2 the time frame. We're on this, you guys just kick back and keep an eye out for emails and updates!

Thanks for your support, when I get more time to give you a more complete update with better time lines and some more links to new items that have been finished you'll have a better look at what our new delivery schedule will be. 

More soon!

-Session Zero Games